The Biscuits Dogs
Are Barkin' For...


Hand-made from scratch, our crunchy dog biscuits are crafted using only human-grade ingredients…no "feed-grade" ingredients unfit for human consumption.

Due to a rise in gut problems, clinical obesity, anxiety and arthritis issues in dogs, our cleaner ingredients stay away from the "nasties"

There is no tricky labeling, no sketchy anti-nutrients which can interfere with the absorption of essential nutrients …all of which can cause inflammation and stomach issues.

We avoid chemicals, fillers, preservatives, colors…no junk period! So healthy you could bite into one yourself!

No refrigeration is required due to our special baking process, but we ask that you please keep your treats properly sealed in a cool, dry place away from heat or vents.

If stored properly, they should last up to several weeks.

Made Fresh Daily!

Each 5 oz bag of artisan biscuits make the perfect addition, in moderation, to a balanced, healthy diet.

It’s a good idea to always check a product’s ingredient list for “recognizable” food items. A shorter list usually implies a less processed, more nutritious treat for your bestie!

So, check out our biscuit bar and spoil your furry companion the right way!